4 WORKSHOPS - With Ken Krech - SAT 27th & SUN 28th October 2018

Flow of Mat & Reformer, Pilates Shapes, Cadillac & Opening the Body. Get the most of Ken Krech’ visit in one PILATELS packed weekend! Pilatels Studio in Snellegem hosts this first edition for certified Pilates instructors only.



10 AM – 1 PM ‘The Flow of the Mat & Reformer’
This is a very important part of what we teach at Vintage Pilates. It’s our way of looking at the way a person moves through their Reformer or Mat that helps us find the focus of the rest of their workout.  Many people don’t realize how aerobic Pilates can actually be.
2 – 5 PM ‘Pilates Shapes’
Vintage Pilates uses body shapes the “C” curve or rounded back, the “tall back” “side bend” and the “twist” to help explain the center of the Pilates system. We will look at the different apparatus finding these shapes in the exercises.


10 AM – 1 PM ‘Cadillac’
The Cadillac was the first apparatus built by Joseph Pilates. The Cadillac is in some ways the center of a Pilates studio. Anybody can work on the Cadillac. The mat is called the heart and soul of Pilates, but the Cadillac is the apparatus that can be used by everyone. We will look at many of the Cadillac exercises, some that can be done by a healthy strong person and some that are for individuals that can barely walk. We will also talk about giving the same exercises to a stronger person and a weaker person and how it can benefit both.
1 – 5 PM ‘Opening the body’
We will be moving through the Pilates system exploring different apparatus that can help us open up the feet, the hips, and the neck and shoulders, in other words from head to toe. We won’t stop there. We will even look at ways Joseph Pilates worked with the jaw and eyes.


Workshops are ONLY accessible for CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS
or on personal INVITATION from Els


If you want to have a private session (solo, duo or trio)
with Ken or Els before the Workshops you can book by e-mail: [email protected]

  • Saturday or Sunday morning
  • During Monday 29/10
  • Tuesday 30/10
  • Wednesday 31/10


1 x Workshop = 150 EUR (VAT not included)
4 x Workshop – Full Weekend (10% discount) = 540 EUR (VAT not included)



  • Solo = 100 EUR 
  • Duo = 65 EUR / pp 
  • Trio = 45 EUR / pp 


REGISTRATION END DATE = 1st October 2018
Via email [email protected]
INVOICE: email your Choice, Full Name, Billing information
REGISTRATION is a fact after payment. No refund possible!
MAX 10 places = FULL is FULL = First Comes – First Gets 😉



Ken Krech has been teaching Pilates since 1998, operating private studios in both Montreal and Los Angeles since 2000. He is an avid swimmer, cyclist and runner and recognizes the important role Pilates has played in preventing injury and keeping fit for his athletic pursuits. Ken has studied with Jay Grimes privately and is a graduate of his Master’s Program THE WORK™. Ken is currently taking part in Jay’s highly selective follow-up program, TEACHING THE WORK™.

Ken is a California licensed Massage Therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years. Over that time, Ken has studied and become certified in several different types of massage such as Swedish, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Reflexology and is currently studying Osteopathy in Quebec, Canada. Massage is beneficial for relaxation, pain management, injury relief, or for preparation to participate in sporting events. Ken tailors his massages to fit each person’s needs.