Welcome to B&B Snelleghem!
Delphine is happy to welcome you to the new B&B in Snellegem.

Make sure to tell Delphine that you are here for PILATELS.
You will get a nice discount!

If you would like more information about staying at B&B Snelleghem, please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Telefoon: +32 495 90 63 59 | Email: [email protected] | Adres: Boekhoutestraat 6, 8490 Snellegem

The B&B is located in a quiet village between Bruges and the coast. Its quiet location and green surroundings make it the ideal place to unwind. We are a small-scale B&B with 3 rooms allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and carefree stay.

B&B Snelleghem is the perfect base for:

  • hiking in the nearby forests,
  • exploring the Bruges countryside by bike,
  • getting a breath of fresh air at the coast
  • or visiting Bruges

What is more important than all the previous:

  • the perfect place to stay
  • when you’re into PILATELS,
  • workshops, trainings and meeting other Classic Pilates fans!