PILATELS invites Sandy Shimoda of Vintage Pilates for a Guest Teaching.
Your PILATELS Studio Snellegem will become the L.A. and Honolulu of Europe.

Friday 11, Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 OCT 2024!
All info, content and prices will follow – no later than 01/04/2024!!!

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Sandy Shimoda is a world-renowned teacher and the owner of Vintage Pilates. The L.A. company that returns to Joe Pilates’ original training method under the leadership of its director, Jay Grimes. Vintage Pilates was founded in 2010 and Sandy has enjoyed growing the business from a physical studio to an online Pilates centre offering private lessons, classes and continuing education programmes. She continues to teach in person and organizes ongoing education events at her Pop-Up studios in Mar Vista and Honolulu.

Sandy has been teaching movement for over 30 years, is certified by Romana Krzyowska and has been a private client of Jay Grimes for almost 20 years. Her favorite parts of her job are seeing her regular clients move and feel better, helping teachers better understand Joe’s work, and guiding studio owners to success in their businesses. Sandy has appeared in videos for Classical Pilates and Gaiam. She has been featured in Pilates Style, Pilatesglossy.com, VoyageLA and teaches online through Pilatesology.com and The Pilates Link.

Prices and workshops were refined, in consultation Sandy and the knowledge of the Belgian Pilates world. PILATELS Fact: Add in your flight to the States (€1,000) and your stay in a mediocre AirB&B (€1,000 and a $7.50 latte) and you quickly realize how lucky we are to have Sandy coming to us!
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HOUSES or B&B Snelleghem

I had the honor of apprenticing with Sandy & Jay Grimes & training with the fantastic Vintage team in LA as one of the 12 selected students of The Work 2016!

Memories & a never to forget experience!!!

I try to train every year with Sandy & co Vintage in LA (soon in Hawaii ;-)) & take online privates with Sandy on a regular basis. So it is an honor that Sandy comes to Pilatels to train my students!


Classical Pilates is more than a repertoire of exercises. It is a unique exercise system that combines mind and body under the guidance of a teacher who has the knowledge, skill and intuition to bring one’s body into better balance. The best Pilates instructors not only possess these qualities, but also teach organically with a keen eye, their hands for proper placement and positioning, and concise verbal cues to teach a system tailored to individual needs.

Know that Sandy “breathes Jay Grimes” and passes on his experience pure nature as she learned it from him! Vintage ‘The Work’ is known for using very plain language in a logical ‘simple’ way and above all guiding and refining at the right time. Terms like Round & arches, Connections, Two Way Stretch, Lengthening from & into your center, and so much more ….


WS 1 | Work from & into your Center
WS 2 | Two-way-stretch
WS 3 | Rolls & Arches
WS 4 | Flow & Transitions
WS 5 | Using All Your Equipment
WS 6 | Choosing the right exercises

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each Workshop is much more effective in combination with all the other Workshops.


VP CLASSES (4 – 6p)

Vintage Pilates Workout (VP Workout) brings our popular VP group Classes to life. These workouts reflect the way Joe and Clara taught Pilates in their New York studio. In a small group setting, you will work out independently while Sandy offers guidance, support, or a challenge to help you achieve results and leave feeling invigorated!

MAT CLASSES (max.10p)

Follow a Vintage Pilates Classic Order Mat Class the way Jay has taught us. With Sandy’s magical touch!


Friday 11th oct 2024

  • 12 pm VP Class
  • 1-3 pm Workshop 1
  • 3.30-5.30 pm Workshop 2

Saturday 12th oct24

  • 9 am VP Class
  • 10 am MAT Class
  • 11 am VP Class
  • 1-3 pm Workshop 3
  • 3.30-5.30 pm Workshop 4

Sunday 13th oct24

  • 9 am VP Class
  • 10 am MAT Class
  • 11 am-1 pm Workshop 5
  • 2-4 pm Workshop 6


Hare & Hound BV
Halfweghuisstraat 16,
BE-8490 Snellegem
BTW: BE-0888 279 379



  • 1 x Workshops = 300 euro
  • 6 x Workshops = 1.500 euro
    (EARLY BIRD UNTILL July 1st 2024)


  • VP Class (limited places 4 – 6 max) = 90 euro
  • Mat Class (limited places 10 max) = 40 euro


At this moment there is no time left to teach Privates. But if that changes, Els let you know by email!

Limited places!! SO BE FAST!!
All sessions must be booked & paid in advance! USE the EVERSPORTS PAGE!!
= > All our prices are VAT Incl
= > No refunds for cancellation!


Pilatels Studio – Snellegem
Halfweghuisstraat 16, B-490 Snellegem
More information: => [email protected]

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